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A beautiful tomato plant growing in my back yard. This solar collector takes sunbeams, dirt and air and turns it into tomatoes.

I can’t imagine that this idea is new. I wouldn’t be surprised if a group of nerds are working on it right now. I think the ideal solar power generator would steal from nature. It would be a tree-like structure. Leaves are like solar collection devices for trees. They help maximize the amount of sunlight it can collect. What if we put a bunch of tiny, leaf-like structures all over a tree-like structure? That would be pretty cool.


Open source energy is one of those things that I can’t help getting excited about, even though it only exists in my head. Let’s say somebody comes up with a truly amazing way to make electricity out of sunbeams. It is made out of everyday household items. You could disassemble the broken junk you didn’t enough pay money more from Wal-Mart and use it build the sunbeam-to-electricity machine. Now imagine if the plans for this machine were drawn up, spread over the internet and saved on many hard drives. Let’s suppose also that we printed it up in a book named Open Source Energy and put copies of it in every hotel room, prison cell and hospital room. The authors of this work would give this technology away for free and we put a stop to many of the problems in this world. Perhaps we could reverse climate change and we could have winter again. We could stop paying for fuel at the pump and deprive a lot of people of money. It seems to me to be an excellent idea. Now if only somebody had invented this magic machine.