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We’ll where this goes.  For now, it is the blog of two friends who have learned a thing or two over time.  Here is an introduction to this blog.

Tanya is the parent of two girls. She also has two dogs and the kids each have a horse that they board twenty minutes out of town. She also has a life partner called Ethan who drives a Chevy Silverado and works in a car dealership. She is interested in writing, even if nobody will ever read it, as well as reading lively internet debates and good books. She is also interested in motor vehicle repair, home construction and renovations, the German language, the Great Outdoors, the Church of Cephalopodism, feminism, atheism, science, evolution, cute things, my purple 1997 Geo Metro, plumbing, spiders, education, cannabis and drug policy. Just to get started. She hates writing about herself in the third person.

Ken is a parent of two boys and owns a cool black dog named Linus. He is going to have to finish writing this profile.

If you wish to contact Tanya or Ken, email


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