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I know that my legions of worshiping fans have been waiting breathlessly for me to write a post about my fitness journey. Wait no more my friends! I am here to serve you. Here is a previous fitness post, just in case you are interested.

I start every single workout with some yoga. I learned yoga over the years from school, fitness classes, p 90-x and the internet. I have a bunch of photos of different yoga poses on my iPad for inspiration if I am bored with my yoga routines. There are so many great yoga moves, downward dog, plank, push-ups, pedal the feet, warrior one, warrior two, warrior three, triangle pose, I could go on and on. Yoga is a great way to start any workout. I am quite proud of how flexible I have become.

I went through a figure skating phase this winter. I found myself at the Clarence Downey speed skating oval a lot. I had a lot of fun and I made a great number of fitness gains. My flexibility improved and I skated faster and jumped higher and spun faster than ever before. It bothers me a little that I was unable to land an axel, which is by far my favorite jump. The feeling of nailing a really difficult jump is impossible to describe. But it is one of those amazing experiences in life that is worth chasing after. I know that my fear of falling kept me from really going for it. I did land it once but it was wobbly and uncertain. I wanted to really go for it and land it with certainty. I did it when I was young and I know I will get it next winter. I was really proud of the height on my jumps and the speed of my spins. I had so much fun showing off to all of the kids at the oval and giving them impromptu lessons.

The downside of my figure skating phase is that I lost the gains I made running. I had made a personal best of 5:40 to run a mile back in February and I had been unable to meet it or beat it. Once skating season ended and I stopped moping I was inspired by the cross-fitters to give bodyweight workouts and interval training a try. I started a fitness journal and I recorded all my progress. I would challenge myself to do as many reps as I could of each exercise. I would skip rope, do push-ups, pull-ups, wall-stand push-ups, squats while holding weights, burpees, tuck jumps, mountain climbers, jab-hook-cross-uppercut and more. There are so many excellent workout moves and so many variations out there. For a while I was counting reps but now I have decided to do High Intensity Interval Training. This means doing AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) for a minute of a bodyweight exercise and then resting for a minute. Do that for half an hour.

I am lucky to have a large area in my basement where I can do my workouts. It is great for days when I don’t feel like going to the gym, which has been a lot lately. The weather has been terrible and I only leave the house when it is unavoidable. Despite my laziness I have been doing great as far as busting out of my fitness plateau. I managed to run a mile today in 5:42 and I know I can do better than that. It is only a matter of time before I smash that record. Five minute mile?

The hardest part of my wellness journey has been improving my eating habits. I have a really hard time eating properly. I love junk food so much! I could live on chocolate and chips and greasy popcorn. I do love veggies and fruits and I eat them on a regular basis but sometimes you want a bag of chocolate to snack on. All this unhealthy eating has made me put on a few pounds and now I am up 149 pounds. EEEEEEK! The upside to that is that my pants fit again. I was getting tired of all my clothes being too big. I hate hate hate shopping so much. And I hate belts. But this is a silly reason to fill my face with unhealthy junk that my body doesn’t need. I plan to climb back on the healthy eating wagon again even though it is so hard.

I really am not a big meat eater so I have a really hard time getting enough protein to build muscle. Nuts have lots of protein but a lot of fat too. Chicken breast is a big lump of protein and a great addition to any diet, especially if you are trying to build some muscle. It is good to always have some protein for your post recovery meal. I am a big fan of cheese omelets.

I like to eat a lot of nuts, eggs, and meat to increase my protein intake. I can understand why body builders drink protein shakes. I may even consider doing that myself.

Anyway, that is where I am at right now and it is a pretty good place to be.


Here is a picture out of my fitness journal.


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