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I have a few friends that are libertarians. They try to tempt me into the libertarian fold. There are a lot of things about the philosophy that appeals to me a great deal. I like the idea of smaller government. I would prefer that we stop wasting money locking people up for non-violent crimes such as drug use or mental illness. I like the idea of voluntary government. I like civil rights. I like the idea that my rights end where yours begin. There are other things that I like. However there are many more things about libertarianism that I greatly dislike that I can’t overcome and therefore I will never ever join this cool kids club.

I have a real problem with the Ron Paul fans. He is a tool. I’m sorry but it’s true. He is a pro-life obstetrician gynecologist. He is quoted as saying “if they are an honest rape victim I would give them a shot of estrogen”. He signed an egg personhood amendment. This is an extremely anti-woman philosophy. As if that wasn’t bad enough he is a creationist against science. He is no friend of immigrants and is in favor of increasing the border between Mexico and the US. Is that small government? I don’t think so. His idea of going back to a gold standard strikes me as insanity. Even if this is a good idea (I have no idea as I don’t feel informed enough about the economy to have an honest opinion on this subject) how is that even feasible? There are a number of practical considerations to making this happen. I doubt it would even be possible for a President to do this.

On the plus side he is anti-war and wants to put an end to the war on drugs. That makes a lot of the anti-drug-war people happy. They overlook all the terrible bad things because they want the war on drugs to end. I have a hard time with it when so many people overlook his flaws because he is right on this subject. A stopped clock is right twice a day.

I understand that there are many people who agree with me whole-heartedly about Ron Paul. None of them post it on Facebook. My feed is filled with fundraisers for Ron Paul and a ton of stuff praising the guy. Nothing pointing out his flaws. It’s like everybody has drank the Kool-aid and I have stopped expressing my opinion due to getting shouted down.

Another thing about Libertarianism is the total lack of women. It’s a total dude’s club. I assume that it’s like every other movement and the women are doing the organizing but aren’t on the stage. To me this says that women are not actively included. There is no effort made to recruit women and no desire to listen to our concerns. I have been the only woman in the room in activism long enough and I won’t do it again. If feminism and women’s rights aren’t considered important I have no desire to join it.

The centrality of dudes is logical to me for a few reasons. Gender and life experiences informs ones’ politics. I have been the poor single mother trying to do my best with minimal support. I have been in need of support from the government which is really the larger community. If I hadn’t had those things I would probably still be in an abusive relationship or I would be in jail. Those are facts. I don’t see Libertarians lining up to support people who are down and out. I see a lot of “pull yourself up by your boot-straps”. From the minute you are born you receive many things from the larger community. You are nurtured by your mom in the womb for nine months. Her body may be permanently changed and she may be risking her life for you. Childbirth is dangerous without medical care. You were looked after throughout your childhood. If you are alive someone looked after you. The school system (such as it is) helped your parents out so they could work. Then there is infrastructure and health care and a whole lot of other things too. I believe that we owe the next generation and should pay up whether we like it or not. If you are healthy and have a job and are that fortunate you should help out the next generation. These kids are going to look after us one day when we are old. We need doctors and lawyers and teachers, we belong to a larger community. Helping me out has led to great dividends for the larger community. Happy, healthy, well-adjusted kids and a tax-paying adult. They will grow up and pay it forward.

This isn’t to say I approve of everything the government does. My complaints are numerous. I do think changing things would be great. I think having government more localized and less centralized would be a great thing. But I can’t help thinking of the people who fought so hard to get us the things we now take for granted. I think of my grandpa who was the mayor of a small town and did many things that helped his community. It’s something to be proud of.

I realize that many people who read this post, assuming anybody cares about my opinions, will probably take great offense. Hopefully they will read this, consider my views thoughtfully, and let me know where I have gone astray. That would be most excellent. In real life I have a hard time expressing my opinion for fear that I will be shouted down and ignored. These concerns are legitimate as that has happened to me far too many times. I look forward to any response this gets, if any.



  1. His answer to abortion is giving someone a shot of estrogen? How is that supposed to help? That doesn’t even make sense 😦

    • He didn’t say that about women who need abortions he said that about a women who shows up at an emergency room after a rape. I suppose giving estrogen is supposed to be like the morning after pill. That would make sense as the morning after pill is a high dose of estrogen. You could take a whole wack of birth control pills and not spend money on the morning after pill because it is super expensive. He reserves this priviledge to the true rape victims and not those women who lie, which is apparently a lot.

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