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So Copenhagen has voted for legal marijuana, and that is a good thing, I suppose.

Copenhagen has voted for legal marijuana is because it has been unable to shut down Christiana’s marijuana market.  Now they will legalize the trade, but only through “state-run” production and distribution.

Here’s what I say to Denmark:

Look, if you’re going to make marijuana legal, then make it legal like oregano.  Make it so anybody can do anything they want to with it – but they won’t, or if they do, they will for a while and then stop.  Making something legal does not mean promoting it.  Marijuana is very much a personal decision, and the government only muddies the waters by getting involved.

Social norms will develop without government intervention.  It is extremely likely that the use among children and young adults will fall dramatically.

Personal responsibility is the key to a healthy society, not government enforced punishment.

So do it, Denmark!  Go all the way.  Let anybody who wants to grow and sell marijuana the same way you allow people to grow hops.  We’ll figure it out for ourselves, thank you.

Or vice-versa, Copenhagen: you’ve said your peace.  Now why don’t you leave Christiana alone.


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