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Reverend John Spong said that about gay rights.  Would he say it about the end of prohibition?

You’ve got to love Philip Owen, former mayor of Vancouver, B.C. and harm reduction champion in and out of office.  You can hear him argue for the legalization of marijuana on CBC’s The Current, the latest podcast on their webpage.

Unfortunately, the extended last word is given to retired BC RCMP officer and apparent lobbyist for prohibition, Chuck Ducette, who works for the Drug Prevention Network of Canada.    Ducette gets to rattle off a series of prejudices masquerading as fact with no challenges from the host of the show.

Listening to that crap made me a little ill until I remembered Spong.

May the day come when smoking a joint does not nullify basic human rights, like privacy and freedom.  For thousands of years, marijuana was legal and used hardly used.  Can you name that society or civilization before 1920 that was brought low by marijuana use?  No?  Because marijuana use never caused any  measureable harm.

Yet idiots like that paid hack Ducette gets national air-time to spew his crap.

We’ve got to win this one.


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