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My beloved wife Jan is going car and plane free for a year: she will not travel by either, and although she will ride on a bus or the train, to my knowledge she hasn’t since September 1.

Several of her friends gave her a hard time about this vow since it meant they wouldn’t see her, and they saw it as unfairly judgmental of people who live in the countryside and have no option other than car to live their lives – but how do we start making a change if we all go along with what is wrong, and cars are very wrong.

You can read about her exploits via the Saskatchewan Environmental Society’s blogs.  In particular, her latest blog entry goes right to the heart of the matter: our successes are killing us, and nobody is talking about it because we don’t want to think about it.

But we wear the chains we forge in life, as Marley told Scrooge, and heaven help us, our chains are heavy, very heavy.  What can we do?  Reduce your consumption now – but you know that already if you’ve been paying attention.

P.S. I’ve been fortunate to be visiting in Montreal (by train!) and while here ran right down to see the Burtynsky exhibit at the McCord Museum.  It’s called Oil and it is powerful to see his lovely and frightening images, often blown up to 6’x6′ size.  You can smaller and less startling versions of the images if you go to his website.  The printed and hung photos are the real thing: go see it if Oil comes to a gallery near you.


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