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Let’s get something straight: the attempt to control what people want to put in their bodies by governments has been a huge failure.  The prohibition of some drugs has not eliminated those drugs, but has filled our jails and is rotting our society by the harm prohibition does through the creation of a black market in illicit substances.  This statement is so blandly true it is ridiculous and meanwhile governments round the world swear to uphold prohibition, just as our federal Conservatives do, like the Liberals before them did.  Never underestimate the value of a scapegoat to a government.

Therefore the Supreme Court ruling that allows Insite, Vancouver’s safe injection facility, to keep operating indefinitely in the face of the relentless opposition of the Conservatives is a rare and sweet victory.  Yes, the ruling is limited, but let’s enjoy this victory.

Hooray!  May Insite prevent death and disease for many more years.


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