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Thomas Friedman has this piece over on the NYT that says we missed a chance to do something good on 9/12 – and that the big lie was that Bush could start wars, lower taxes, and create entitlements and that the U.S. would be better for it.

It is easy to lie when you have power.  Oftentimes it is your job to lie.  Certainly in Canada this is the case: Harper’s control over his MPs is a public example, but look to your own life – we all do it.  Imagine, for example, that you are a teacher who really does not want to be at school today.  You don’t say that to the kids.  You put on the good teacher role as best you can because that is what the situation demands.

There is honesty, and there are the stories that need to be told.

Do you think anyone in government can allow themselves to speak honestly?  I don’t.

And how do you change things when you argue with a liar?

Persistence.  Not my strong suit.  Not the strong suit of many people, either.  Honor those who are.


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