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As I always do, I spent a significant amount of my summer pursuing my various hobbies. This year I helped build a house, painted four rooms in my own house, and started going to Zumba class. I also spent a lot of time doing sweet nothing and staring into the nearest computer or iPad screen. Good times!

 Here is the only picture that I got from all that time helping out at Habitat for Humanity. It’s a lovely eight-legged spider. She built her nest in the corner of the window. It was a spirally tunnel nest. I know that the best way to tell if the spider is hungry is to tap your finger at the front of her house and watch the spider sit motionless at the bottom of her nest if she is not hungry. Or she may whip out of her nest so fast that you don’t see her move. When she sees the huge human gazing down at her, she hurries back to the bottom of the nest as quickly as she can. I love to throw the odd moth in a spider nest just to see her eat it.

While working for Habitat I got a snazzy blue shirt with VOLUNTEER across the back. I also learned a few more things about house construction. I can now hang drywall and mud walls. I wish I had been there for the pouring of the basement and the construction of the walls. That would have been quite interesting. The great thing about Habitat is they are always building new houses for people to live in and they are always looking for people to help out. I have to admit to ulterior motives. I have been thinking about switching careers for quite a while and I do think construction might be an option. I dream of being able to build a house from start to finish. That is why I got so pumped about those excellent Tumbleweed houses. One day, one day.

 I did indeed paint a large portion of my house. I painted my light, faded blue kitchen a delightful grey. At first I was going to paint it dark blue but the kids insisted it would look terrible. I tested the closet by painting it the dark blue and I reluctantly agreed that it looked atrocious. I painted the colour that Hannah said would look nice. Then i painted our bedroom a very dark green. It’s called shamrock even though it is very close to Rider green. Then I painted the living room and helped Hannah do her room. I also painted and rearranged the living room. Now i never want to look at a paint brush again!

 As for Zumba class, you might wonder why such a trivial item belongs on this list. The only reason i went in the first place was my partner Ethan made me do it. He even bought fitness attire so I knew he was serious. Although it is very, very feminine, i have to admit i am enjoying it. Zumba is Latin American dance that involves shaking your hips and boobs around. It reminds me of figure skating. I participated in figure skating all throughout my teen years and i quite loved it, even though watching the Olympics was terribly depressing thanks to the fixed judging that was rampant in the nineties. But jumping and spinning are just so much fun, even when it results in falling. You can go so fast when you skate. It feels like flying. It leads to funky dreams of me figure skating on the moon. Just imagine how high you could jump in a zero gravity environment!

 Usually I turn my nose up at most feminine things because I have assimilated the masculine view that girls are icky. But that is not the kind of misogynistic thinking i want to fall for. Girly things can be excellent, although I do draw the line at high heels and makeup. I’m not too crazy about being pretty. The older i get the less i care about such things. But at least nowadays I don’t think those things are icky, they just aren’t for me. I used to hate the costumes that you are supposed to wear while skating. I wanted to wear pants like the boy skaters.

 I also took my creatures to the farm a little more often.

Here is Hannah riding Corby.

 Here is a fuzzy picture of Katy riding Rip.

Here is Pearl, my Wolfhound Lab mix, keeping cool in a super-gross, smelly slough.

Time for a close-up.

Check out my 13 year old Jack Russel Terrier.  His name is Winston.

If you have truckers for friends, sooner or later you end up on a road trip.  My friend Heather pleaded and cajoled and I finally relented.  I HATE DRIVING CALL THE WAHMBULANCE!!!  I ended up delivering a very large truck to Rapid City, Manitoba.  Calling it a city is false advertising. It was an itty bitty prairie town, just as boring as Saskatchewan. I have to admit I enjoyed driving such a large beast.  At first I thought “OMG I am going to run over everything!”  But then I had fun.  I felt so powerful!   Check out the view from a truck.

ZZZZZzzZZzzzzz Who cares?  Saskatchewan is a whole lot of empty space.

What did you do this summer?


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  1. I got to do a ridiculous amount of fun stuff. I am spoiled!

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