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It seems to me that this summer in particular has been an extremely difficult time to be a woman or an individual concerned with ending rape.  There have been so many cases of rapists getting away with it and rape victims being blamed for their assaults.  What a disgusting and outrageous time to be alive!  Patriarchy is alive and well.

Just in case you don’t have a clue what I am talking about, let me point you to a few rape cases that have gotten a bit of the wrong kind of publicity.  First of all there is the terrible case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn raping a hotel maid.  While I am extremely proud of the victim giving up her anonymity and participating in interviews on the news, the case has been dropped.  Despite the fact that gross perv DSK admits to having sex with the maid, he claims it was consensual.  As if hotel maids are just waiting to be boned by gross, dirty old men.  As if she would go to the trouble of going public and being known as the DSK maid for the rest of her life, we are supposed to believe she wasn’t raped.  BAH!  When the case first became public many other women came forward to blame DSK for rape, and yet he is considered to be a dashing rake.  It boggles the mind.

It gets even worse from there.  There was the case of the 11-year-old girl whose gang rape was recorded on a phone.  18 young men participated in the rape and recorded it.  Even the New York Times can’t help but blame the victim.  Those poor boys are going to have to live with the consequences of the assault for the rest of their lives.  They have to mention that the girl dressed older than her eleven years, as if that is in any way relevant.  I hope those rapists have to pay but I doubt it.  Having video taped evidence of rape is apparently not enough.

The only rapist that has managed to get any jailtime is polygamist perv Warren Jeffs.  Finally justice has been served!  All that was required was DNA evidence that he fathered a child with a 15 year old and video recordings of the rapes of underage girls.  Meanwhile there are plenty of patriarchs that will take over Jeffs job.

I am so sick and tired of this crap.  Sure I had fun participating in Slutwalk and I felt like activism like that could make a difference, but clearly it is not making a difference at all.  Maybe we women need to start carrying guns around and let it be known that if the man does not have consent, he risks having it shot off.  Either that or we go Lysistrata on their asses.  Maybe we should withhold all services sexual and otherwise (house cleaning, childcare, grocery shopping, chauffeuring) until all the men smarten up.

Barring that, let’s impliment Twisty’s Wacky Consent Scheme.  DSK would be locked up in jail where he belongs if that were to happen.  But currently women exist in a state of perpetual consent.  It makes me sick!




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