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I have decided to take the advice of one spinster aunt and make fun of dudely art as often as I possibly can.  In that spirit I have to say that just about anything by the Police gives me the heeby-jeebies.  Especially that “I’ll be watching you” song.  Most people think this song is romantic.  But all it does is glorify creepy, stalkerish behaviour.  Just read the lyrics if you don’t believe me.  I am old enough to remember when this Ode to Stalkers was on the radio 24/7.  It made me paranoid that some knife-wielding maniac would jump out at me from behind the bushes.  All the stuff about his poor heart breaking because a woman decided to dump him is not romantic.  Unless romance means bullying women into relationships they don’t want.  Just in case you haven’t heard this terrible song, I have embedded it from youtube.  But for the sake of your mental health, be careful while watching this, in case it reminds you of that ex that just wouldn’t take no for answer.




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