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My friend Ken came up with a brilliant idea just the other day.  He says to me “We should start a blog!”  I pondered this momentarily and agreed to start blogging again.  Ken came up with the brilliant blog title and I have decided to get on board.  I have taken a rather long hiatus from blogging.  I get a lot of hobbies and then I get bored with them or distracted by shiny things and I find myself losing interest and getting overly involved with a different hobby.  I have a great deal of interests, including but not restricted to, reading, learning, fixing things, taking care of my cute and fluffy dogs, painting my house, Zumba class, German, religion, squid, spiders and other eight-legged creatures, the war on Some People that use drugs, feminism, art and trivia.  And now I am going back to blogging.  I hope that none of the meany pants on the internet stop by to say mean things to me.  Then we will need a commenting policy and that seems like an awful lot of work.  Letters on a screen don’t scare me.  But I do wonder if I have the attention span to contribute meaningfully to a blog.  We will just have to wait and see.

Because there are two people writing posts for this site it seems like an excellent idea to have an easy way to tell who is writing the post.  I have made two categories, as of this writing, that read Ken and Tanya.  If the post is by me then it will be tagged Tanya.  If the post is tagged Ken, then the post is by Ken.  This seems like a fairly simple system.


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